Welcome to Bath Street Centre

  • Welcome To Bath Street Centre


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    Bath Street Centre is the home of Walsall Independent Evangelical Church. Located in the center of Walsall, we welcome people of all ages and from every walk of life to join us in worshipping and serving the God we love together.

    We believe that the message of Jesus Christ is good news and has the power to transform lives and whole communities. God offers new life and a relationship with Him through faith. Therefore, we hope to be a church where Jesus is both known and made known to others.

    Our prayer for you today is that you will experience the fullness of God's grace through his Jesus Christ. Please accept our invitation to join us for worship this next Sunday.

    We would love to meet you personally.

     If you are a guest, we hope that you will find answers to the questions that brought you to this site. Please contact us for any further details. Thank you for visiting our site.



    We seek to bring glory and honour to God in both word and action. We aim to do this through worship, learning, fellowship, prayer and through sharing our faith with the people around us.


  • Sunday 1st March

    10:30am - Waking the Dead (John Ch11)

    6:00pm - Friends for Sale (Luke Ch16)


  • Coming Soon:

    Men's Breakfast - Saturday 7th March 9am



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  • How Do I Become A Christian?

    If you would like to know how to become a Christian please click on the following link which explains the gospel in six simple steps 


    Please contact us if you would like a copy of the

    booklet 2 Ways to Live.